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Retirement Plans

We offer options such as, Traditional & Roth IRA, SIMPLE & SEP Plans, Qualified and Non Qualified Annuities:

 Roth IRA-A Roth IRA is also primarily an individual savings plan. Contributions can be made up to a specified limit but are non-deductible on your tax form.

Traditional IRA-A traditional IRA is primarily an individual savings plan. Contributions are made up to a specified limit with the contribution tax deductible.

SEP IRA-A SEP-IRA (Simplified Employee Pension) is a retirement plan that is available to self-employed individuals and small businesses. A SEP-IRA is a written plan that allows a self-employed person to contribute towards his/her retirement and to contribute towards employee's retirements without the complexity of other plans.

SIMPLE IRA-A SIMPLE IRA is an employer sponsored plan where plan contributions are made to a participating employees IRA. The tax-deferred contributions are higher than a traditional or Roth IRA. The Internal Revenue Code uses the term SIMPLE plan to refer to a SIMPLE IRA. SIMPLE IRA are usually found in companies with less than 100 employees who want to provide an alternative to a qualified profit sharing plan.

Annuities-A contract between a person and an insurance company where the person pays a specified amount for the annuity. In return, the person will receive payments in the future for the stated period of time in the annuity contract. There are several types of annuities.

Contact us for directly for information specific to your situation.  We can help you develop a plan to meet your retirement needs.
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